Sing-along in the City

A crazy thing that you can experience in New York is a sing-along night in a theatre or a club. First of all: what is a sing-along? It’s kind of a karaoke version for shy people. That’s because you don’t need to embarrass yourself singing in front of all your friends and a bunch of strangers. At a sing-along you just have to follow the music and sing with all the other guys that are there. More voices together, less chances to hear you sing off-key.

And of course, because these sing-along events are based on musical movies, this experience is so fun! You watch the flick and then, when a song begins, you start singing.

There are a lot of sing-along nights in the City: you can choose between a classic Grease where you can shout all together that You’re the one that I want o, o, o, honey!. Or you can go for The Sound of Music and help Julie Andrews’ voice at conquering Captain Von Trapp’s heart interpreting My favorite things. Or you can opt for something more childish but absolutely gorgeous that it will cheer you up for sure, like The Little Mermaid sing-along that I chose on Saint Patrick’s Day in a club in Brooklyn called The Bell House. Fueled up with theme red and blue cocktails, I sang for two hours with a lot of others Mermaid’s aficionados that knew by heart not only the lyrics but all the lines of the 1989 Disney cartoon. Crazy! I cried following the fascinating and moving adventure of Ariel and I sang at the top of my lungs!

Sometimes you think that you alone love certain movies, but it is not like that. There are plenty of nostalgic fools stuck in their childhood!

Sing-along are not easy to find: check out the internet to discover the next one in the city. You won’t regret
it at all!

One Response to “Sing-along in the City”
  1. Jan says:

    sounds great, i normally only sing in my car or under the shower… but this definitely would be an option for me. great that your posts are in english now!

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