Whoopie pie and Milk and cookies

American desserts are amazing–but you already knew that! People don’t lie when they call it comfort food. These guilty stars and stripes’ pleasures can really reassure you and shine a light on your darkest hours: when you break up with your boyfriend, when you have an argument with your friends, when your job sucks, there is nothing better (and maybe a little cliché but… who cares?) than a pint of ice cream or a banana cream pie made in strict accordance with the rules. Another one of these edible security blankets is the whoopie pie.

Maybe it’s not as renowned as cupcakes, but it is on its way to be a big hit in the dessert world.
For those who don’t know, whoopie pies are similar to giant cookies with cream filling. But, to be accurate, we can’t speak of an actual cookie, because it’s softer. Whoopie pie is placed in the thin line among cookie, pie and cake. The two halves of this sweet sandwich are usually made with super dark chocolate and sometimes with pumpkin or vanilla. The super smooth and creamy filling consists of vanilla as well, or marshmallow cream. The origins of this dessert are uncertain but in 2011, the State of Maine proclaimed whoopie pie as its official dessert. And its popularity is so increasing that, starting in March, Starbucks came under the spell of the whoopie pie, and they introduced their own version: a mini red-velvet whoopie pie. Ok, but Starbucks shops are everywhere. Where can you find a really good whoopie pie franchisee-free in New York City? The best that I have tried in these tough months of research is served at Milk and Cookies. Milk and Cookies is a tiny and quiet bakery Downtown (19 Commerce street). It is a blue spot that stands out against the winter grey. Inside you can go for an organic milk (steamed or cold), a chai-latte, a tea or a cappuccino and you can indulge in a cookie (of course!), a cookie sandwich, a brownie or a blondie, and ça va sans dire, an amazing whoopie pie. Maybe whoopie pie is not the most sophisticated dessert ever conceived by a pastry chef, but it’s so childish, so comforting, so simple, and you will have crumbs all over the place after eating it, that you need to try it.


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