Alexi Murdoch’s concert

Thursday I went to the Alexi Murdoch’s concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Music too soft for my taste.Actually, I should have known that before, because my boyfriend and me discovered this song-writer watching the movie Away We Go (the 2009 comedy directed by Sam Mendes, written by Dave Eggers and starring John Krasinski). Londoner Alexi Murdoch composed the amazingly aching soundtrack of this film, and we loved it so much that we listened to it many times. Even if it was really soft and lullaby-ish, the fact that we can never find tickets for our favorite shows because they are always sold out convinced us to go to that concert. And that was the first mistake.

The second one was the timing: we arrived at the Music Hall too soon. At 8 o’clock of course. In retribution, we had to listen to the opening act that was pretty weird. It had a great voice and he played banjo very well but, in between the songs, he made a lot of jokes that I didn’t understand because he said them in such a serious way that, actually, I didn’t understand why everybody else was laughing. But that was my problem, evidently.

So, after more than 2 hours waiting for the amazing songwriter, I was so tired and annoyed, and my back hurt so much that even the on stage presence of Michael Jackson, back in the land of the living, couldn’t have soothed my pain.

And finally, Alexi Murdoch, who maybe is not so well-known, but has had his songs appear in so many different TV shows (Prison Break, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, etc), popped up on stage. He was surrounded by a bunch of musicians—too many to tell you the truth. A guitarist,a drummer, a bass-player, a cellist, a trumpeter, a horn player and so on filled the space around the super-thin Alexi Murdoch that, in between the songs, instead of making incomprehensible jokes, he spent a loooot of time tuning up his guitar. And he did so for every song that he played. Every song. Boring!

The sound was great and so was his voice. Instead, the songs were kind of emotion-less and the intimate and cozy atmosphere that I expected didn’t belong to that concert.

At least a beer cost just $5… and we surely needed it.


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