Le Barricou – La Provence in New York

There’s nothing better than the right amount of American calories combined with a stylish French twist.

For this reason, I went to Le Barricou, a nice Provencal bistro that serves a selection of French and American dishes. The venue is really warm and homey, and it has the quintessential South of France atmosphere ­­­­­­– scraped walls, black and white pictures, Pastis’ advertisements hanging on the wall, lavender, candles and a nice fireplace.
I tried macaroni and cheese with Gruyère and bacon, an explosion of creaminess, strong flavor and a reminiscence of childhood. Then I tried the amazing Croque Monsieur, a typical French sandwich that is the happy marriage of smoked ham, two slices of country bread and a topping of grilled cheese. The sandwich was served with green salad and matchstick fries. That culinary experience was as simple as it was good and tasty. It was nice to abandon the classic burger for once.

For dessert I indulged with a lot of amazing delicacies like the signature bread pudding with raisins, chocolate chips, Rum fudge all over and whipped cream. I also tried crème brûlée, a sweet classic, and a very refreshing peach-melon-mango sorbet.

The check is a pleasant surprise at the end of this delightful meal. You can choose Le Barricou also for brunch and lunch and you can reserve the room on the back for parties of 9 and more.

Le Barricou, 533 Grand Street, Brooklyn. Tel. 718-782-7372


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