The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, founded in 2009, in just 2 years has become the new sensation in the city, in regards to ice cream. As the name suggests, this truck is kept by a gay couple, formed by bassoonist Douglas Quint and his partner Bryan Petroff.

And what makes this ice cream so popular? The fact that it is unique. In fact, Quint and Petroff propose cones, cups and sundaes of ice cream enhanced with olive oil, wasabi powder, cardamom, pumpkin butter or sea salt. The ingredients are well selected and fresh and the result is a variety of unexpected and delicious

Don’t be scared by the long line that every day packs the side walk in front of the truck and try the Salty Pimp, made with vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt and chocolate dip, or the Cococone, made with vanilla ice cream and toasted curried coconut, or the Gobbler made with vanilla ice cream, pumpkin butter, crushed Graham Crackers, whipped cream and craisins.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is now so famous that every member of the American gotha of media talked about it: The Daily News, New York Post, Time Out NY, NBC, ABC, and of course the New York Times and even the T.V. show Eat Street from the Cooking Channel.

The truck opened the season at the beginning of May and usually it is set on Broadway and 17th
Street (close to Union Square). Check their website every day, or their Twitter page, to know exactly where they are parked.

During their opening day (May 3rd), I tried the Salty Pimp. It’s amazing to sink your teeth into the thin chocolate crust and then into the sweet but savory ice cream. It’s heaven on Earth – believe me. It brings ice cream to a whole new level of indulgence. Try it!

One Response to “The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck”
  1. john says:

    damn, couldn’t that truck have opened sooner? like around february, when i was there? good post!

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