Tenement Museum

Immigration is not something new. Even if it’s on the first page of all the newspapers all over the world, immigration is a topic that has been popular since the beginning of the 20th century here in America, and New York in particular.
Today, there are Latinos and Chinese. Yesterday, there were Italians, Hebrew, Irish and German.

To understand the present time, and be open-minded, a good idea is to go visit the Tenement Museum (108 Orchard St.). Set in the Lower East Side, the museum provides a series of guided tours that show how immigrants lived at the end of the 1800s, and at the beginning of the 1900s: the tours are both inside a Tenement house at 97 Orchard Street and outside around the neighborhood. The 60 minute long inside tours are called Getting By (about a German-Jewish family and an Italian family), Piecing It Together (Jewish), The Moores (Irish) and Confino Family Living History Program(Greek Sephardic). They show the interior of some real apartments, their furniture, the objects used at the time and, moreover, the true stories of the families that lived there.The 90 minute outside walking tours are Immigrant Soles and Next Steps and focus on the past and
present immigration around the Lower East Side.
The Tenement is pretty active – they organize talks about immigration topics, they make research and they provide different education program, that you can check on their website.
Moreover, they have an amazing shop packed with interesting books about New York history, immigration movements, Jewish, Irish, Italian and other ethnic groups living in the city and so many souvenirs – notebooks, umbrellas, postcards, pens, bags, towels and plates all about New York.

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