The Ride

Forget the old-fashioned sightseeing that is going around every single city in the world. To see New York from a new angle and do something really unique and brand new, jump on The Ride.

The Ride is a cool black and orange bus, but in the inside it reveals something much different – first of all the seats are all lined up on the long side of the vehicle, like in a theater. The other side is a giant window through which you can admire the City. A crew of young and friendly guys will entertain you for about 70 minutes showing you the most important buildings around.But what’s really peculiar of The Ride is that, while you are driving, something will
happen on the streets just for your eyes. Every tour is different from the other and when I was on board, I saw a tap dancer improvising some steps on the sidewalk, a rapper freestyling about the people walking by, a ballerina dancing
around the Columbus Circle monument, a wannabe Broadway star singing while the people on the streets wonder what’s going on. Then they realized that the singer sings for that bus full of people waving “Hi” to them.

Fun, interesting and involving (you will have to sing Frank Sinatra’s New York New York and take part to a quiz about the City, the prize is a baseball cap), The Ride is a completely new way to go around New York. Recommended to a young audience, The Ride departs from the Marriott Hotel close to Times Square. During the week The Ride is only on the evening: weekends also during the afternoon. Tickets: $65 – $49 (Tuesdays in June).

2 Responses to “The Ride”
  1. john says:

    cool but seems kinda expensive…

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