The Cloisters

Going to the Cloisters can be an odyssey, especially if you go there with the bus, which can take more than one hour to get you to the very top of Manhattan. Of course, the bus is the perfect chance to see some neighborhoods that probably, if you are tourist, you would never see, but … Continue reading


What does it feel like to cry like a baby for 2 1/2 hours? It’s kind of painful for your eyes, and you use a lot of Kleenex. And your friends are often worried or surprised by your reaction. But if you are watching a deeply moving Broadway show, and if this show puts on … Continue reading

The Ride

Forget the old-fashioned sightseeing that is going around every single city in the world. To see New York from a new angle and do something really unique and brand new, jump on The Ride. The Ride is a cool black and orange bus, but in the inside it reveals something much different – first of … Continue reading

Guilty pleasures at Baby Cakes

New York is super democratic–here you can find everything for every necessity. For example, are you allergic to milk, gluten, soy and you can’t eat sugar? Are you craving for a donut? What’s the big deal! Go to Baby Cakes in the Lower East Side the ultimate food phenomenon. A teeny tiny bakery that offers … Continue reading

Fuerza Bruta: Look Up!

Fuerza Bruta is mind-boggling and confusing at first glance, but does not disappoint. Created in 2002 by Argentinean Diqui James and Gaby Kerpel, it is a very rhythmic and artistic show, full of dancing moments, jumps and aerial choreographs that will entertain you for the full 70 minute length. Fast and furious, Fuerza Bruta is … Continue reading

Tenement Museum

Immigration is not something new. Even if it’s on the first page of all the newspapers all over the world, immigration is a topic that has been popular since the beginning of the 20th century here in America, and New York in particular. Today, there are Latinos and Chinese. Yesterday, there were Italians, Hebrew, Irish … Continue reading

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, founded in 2009, in just 2 years has become the new sensation in the city, in regards to ice cream. As the name suggests, this truck is kept by a gay couple, formed by bassoonist Douglas Quint and his partner Bryan Petroff. And what makes this ice cream so … Continue reading

Coney Island

Coney Island entered our collective imagination thanks to a bunch of cult movies that immortalize this part of New York. Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, Walter Hill’s The Warriors, Spike Lee’s He’s Got Game, Darren Aronofsky’s (2011 Academy Award winner for Black Swan) Requiem for a Dream are just the most famous films shot here. Coney … Continue reading

Le Barricou – La Provence in New York

There’s nothing better than the right amount of American calories combined with a stylish French twist. For this reason, I went to Le Barricou, a nice Provencal bistro that serves a selection of French and American dishes. The venue is really warm and homey, and it has the quintessential South of France atmosphere ­­­­­­– scraped … Continue reading

Alexi Murdoch’s concert

Thursday I went to the Alexi Murdoch’s concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Music too soft for my taste.Actually, I should have known that before, because my boyfriend and me discovered this song-writer watching the movie Away We Go (the 2009 comedy directed by Sam Mendes, written by Dave Eggers and starring John Krasinski). … Continue reading

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